From There to Here Imports, is an importer/wholesaler with sole distribution of Tassie Design, Wupper Airlines and Fridolin in the USA.

Fridolin was founded in 1985 in Herrenberg, a smallish city in southern Germany at the edge of the Black Forest. It began with a shop in the pedestrian zone. At that time, the business was mainly focused on toys. In 1991, Fridolin opened it's own production facilities, and the company grew. in 2006, the company moved into a yet bigger facility, and a fruitful co-operation with various artists from around the world followed. Today, Fridolin's product range harmoniously combines art, games, and modern design.

The founder, Ewald Beiersmann, inherited a doll/puppet factory from his father. One day he was walking downstairs with a dragon and thought it would be fun if it bounced. He talked to his designer, who came up with the idea of adding a spring. That’s how the Wupper was born!  It was named after the German town, Wuppertal, which means valley of the river Wupper.

The fairies are brought to life by a loving family business inspired by cottage industry. Tassie is a company with 100% original designs implemented by artisans who have many years of experience. The brother and sister, who own the company, inherited it from their parents. They originally assembled beautiful silk flowers until they could not compete with the lower wages in China. Together they embarked on a new endeavor developing fairies. The brother focuses on running the company, while the sister creates the designs. Most of the fairy assembly takes place in Phrae, one of the most ancient provinces in Thailand. The fairies look forward to bringing their love and joy to your store!